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If you have inherited an IRA lately you are probably pulling your hair out trying to understand the rules.


If you are trying to make sense of the rules on your own, you are probably exhausted.


We have a reader question asking this very thing.  Let’s take a look at that question from Chris:


“I have an inherited IRA and it is currently managed by one of the few investment companies that accepted these accounts.  It is losing money and  need advice of self managing this account.  What is the best strategy and investment for this to protect the assets from inflation and an unstable market?”


There are a few different things going on here.


02:47 Rules for inherited IRA and 401k accounts

04:15 Benefits of an inherited acount

09:15 Which investment firms will manage inherited accounts?

11:22 Protecting yourself from inflation

13:37 Understanding the strategy of your IRA




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