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I'm a self-made millionaire. That's not something I've shared until recently. In our society it's often frowned upon to say something like that. It's not something I'm ashamed of. In fact, it's something that I want to encourage my sons to strive for. But NOT for the money. It's actually has nothing to do with the money and more on the life principles that goes with striving for success. I share those 9 principles on the latest GFC podcast.

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Becoming complacent to your financial surroundings could be the death of you.  Don't let it happen.  Here are the most common ways I see people being complacent to their financial situation. 

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Once you arrive at retirement you no longer have time to wait out a major decline in the stock market.
Capital preservation and providing yourself with a regular income will suddenly be at least as important as growth.
For that reason, you’ll need to begin shifting your investment portfolio from equities to fixed income assets.
Here are six safe places to invest your money in retirement that will provide capital preservation and at least some income.
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