The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

Maybe I don’t like the FIRE Movement, but I don’t hate everything about it.

Today I’m sharing the principles that I respect about the FIRE movement:

  1. It forces people to live with intentionality.
  2. It puts emphasis on focusing on the things you can control.
  3. It forces discomfort.
  4. It forces you to know your numbers.
  5. The idea and the concept of contentment.

Which one of these principles do you like? 

Is there something you like about the FIRE movement that I didn’t share? Let me know.

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This may come as a surprise, as it is a little known fact…

I have always hated the FIRE movement.

For those of you that don’t know what the FIRE movement is….it is  ‘Financially Independent Retire Early.’

This is a movement that has been around for a while, but has picked up a lot of steam over the last 8-10 years.

The first time I heard of this movement was back in 2012.

So why do I have such a bad taste in my mouth for something (financial independence) that I’ve been teaching and sharing in my videos?

In this episode I am going to share 7 key reasons why I hate the FIRE movement.

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My idea of building wealth at an accelerated rate didn’t start until I read Rich Dad Poor Dad. 📚

This book gave me the motivation and the inspiration to make it happen, but I had to figure out on my own how to make it work.

I created the M.O.R.E. Method as a framework to help you get started.

The first M = Mentor, the second M = Mastermind Group

The first O = Open (an investment account), The second O = Open (a personal equity fund)

The R = Research

The E = Execute and Enjoy

As you go through this M.O.R.E. Method I want you to have a goal of making that first $100 and not stopping until you do. 😊

Do you want to make more?  Have you implemented these steps?

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What do the rich people really invest their money into?

You may be surprised! It’s not all about the Hedge Funds or private equity.

What I learned from watching and following other really successful people is that to I needed to invest my money/time into accelerated learning.

Here are 5 ways you can approach this:

  1. Reading self-development books
  2. Investing in a physical or digital course
  3. Mentors
  4. Mastermind Groups
  5. Build relationships

Did those answers surprise you?  Were you expecting portfolio summaries and business venture highlights?

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We all want to make the highest return possible with the lowest amount of risk.

How do you do that in this crazy market?

For me, following the barbell investing strategy is what works.

Here are a few key principles you need to know about the barbell investing strategy:

1. Cash is always king 

2. Having the right insurance 

3. Low exposure to stocks and bonds 

4. High Risk Investments

5. Bring It Home 

What do you think about this strategy?

Is this something you could rally behind? 

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