The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

It was love at first sight!  I thought she was the one.  Then I got DUMPED!


You may be wondering what this has to do with personal finance, investing, or even entrepreneurship.


There’s a connection. The next time I got dumped and had my heart broken, it wasn’t a girl….it was GOOGLE.


Tune in and I will share all the details of what happened, how I worked through it, and came out better on the other side.

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It happened again!  Well, I can’t 100% positively verify - but I am 97% confident that I got Covid again.


Last year my entire family got Covid.  It started with my oldest son and then traveled through the family.


Fortunately, my youngest two were not sick for very long, like a day or less.


This second time around, it started the same way, with my oldest two sons.  Tune in and I will share how this second round is progressing.

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What is the best way to get TAX FREE Money?


We already know the’s the Roth IRA (I Love The Roth IRA).

There are so many different options out there, which one is the best to open a Roth IRA?

I get this question all the time on the blog and on the YouTube channel, listen in as I share details on how to pick the best option for you.

Check out the complete list at here.

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This might be a bit of a shock……not EVERY financial advisor has YOUR best interest at heart.


I am going to give an example of a financial advisor, that may sound like he is doing a good thing, but it is actually kind of shady.


This could cost you a ton more fees, while you are thinking you are getting something good in return.


Tune in as I share all the details and how you can avoid getting ripped off.

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Ten Million Dollars…..


That is a LOT of money. I can’t even comprehend that number.


Someone asked me about my financial blogging journey, they wanted to know how much money I had made from JUST my website. The answer, $10,000,000.


You’ll want to have a listen to this episode where I explain how I started and grew my blog to reach this level.

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You finally found an opportunity to help yourself, your family, and your friends.


You thought you were doing a good thing but it was all a SCAM!


This happened to a friend of mine, he fell for a scam.  It could happen to any of us.


Have a listen as I share what happened to my friend and how you can avoid getting trapped like this in a scam.

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He was going to be my greatest success story yet! He was on the verge of becoming a multi-millionaire…then it all changed.


My big success story quickly turned into a $647,365 mistake.


Tune in as I share what happened, why it happened, and so much more.

It was only $100 and it CHANGED MY LIFE!


This is the prime reason I am a multi-millionaire today.


I’m not talking about some get rich quick scheme. This is all about a little $100+ check that I earned with a little work and persistence.


Listen in as I share the details of how I made this happen and how  you can use this same method to start your wealth hacking journey.

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Imagine there is someone willing to pay you to do something you love doing.


It gets better…what if that person is willing to pay you THREE TIMES as much for the same amount of work.


If you are good at what you do, you should not be afraid to ask for what you are worth.


In this episode, I’m sharing all the details of how you can confidently charge a rate that is inline with your expertise.

What is the most crucial thing you need for job security?


A degree? Your Resume? Experience?  (Actually it isn’t any of these)


This is Part 2 in our Make More Money Series.  Part 2 is all about the Side Hustle.


Tune in as I share the benefits of having a side hustle, including financial security, flexibility, freedom, and more!

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Have you ever made a mistake so bad that you were in tears?


I have.

That mistake taught me some huge lessons.  I’ve learned to never repeat that mistake again but also how I could make a lot more money.

Tune in as I share the details and hopefully help you from making the same type of mistake.

Check out my Ultimate Guide on How to Make More Money on here:

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Why did I go from 100% Debt free to almost One Million Dollars in debt?


I’m sure Dave Ramsey would be ready to record a rant about this one!


Tune in as I share all the reasons why this decision was scary, full of risk, and has provided so much growth opportunity for my entire family.

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This has never been revealed.


I am going to share the inside story and all the secrets of how I built my YouTube channel from Zero to over 370,000 subscribers.


I was recently asked how I got started and what was my process behind the scenes.


If you are looking to start your own YouTube channel, you will want to tune in and learn from my process.

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