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Jake Thompson had a bigger dream that his current path was leading him towards.  That dream started with him selling t-shirts out of the trunk of his car. Punching fear in the face he now runs a very successful brand and apparel company,  Here's his story.

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3 years ago I was a successful entrepreneur that was spinning my wheels everyday and needed something to help me make sense of it all.  I enrolled into Strategic Coach and it was THE best decision I've made for my business.  I now work less and make more than I ever have.  Here's why love Strategic Coach.

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$1 Million is a lot of money but is really enough to retire on?

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Ben Newman is a friend of mine that serves people helps them achieve great things.  I'm excited to share his story.

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Haters going hate.  Don't let them bring you down and prevent you from following your dream.   Here's 4 examples where if I would have listened to haters I wouldn't be where I am today.

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In this episode I interview Gerri Detweiler from about common misconceptions that people have about their credit. 

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Do you have an old retirement account and not sure what to do with it? In this podcast I take a look at a GFC reader question and help them make some tough decisions.

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Do you have a lousy excuse for not saving for retirement?  If you used one of these, then you do.  Here are the top 17 excuses people have for not saving for retirement.

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Listen up parents! Your kids college education is going to cost you a TON of money.  If you haven't started saving, it's time to start!

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 One of the top personal finance podcasts, these guys make personal finance fun and entertaining.

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If you won a $1 Million dollars, how would you invest it?  Here's what I would do.

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Think budgeting is awful?  Think again!   Find out how Jesse Mecham of You Need a Budget makes budgeting cool. 

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Do you have a dream of retiring early?  If you do, you better not be making these mistakes.

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Jon Stein knew there was a better and easier way for people to invest.  Following his dream he founded which has almost 500 million under management.   Here's his story. 

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Have you ever been pitched cash value life insurance as an investment?  Here's what you need before you buy.

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What you need to know before you hire a coach.

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 I'm not a fighter, but if there's something that boils my blood is a shady financial advisor that takes advantage of people.  Here are 7 real life examples to watch out for.

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Jesse Keyser has building a franchising empire.  Here's the backstory of how he opened his first franchise and how it became so successful.

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Annuities are one of the most mis-sold investments of all time.  Make sure you educate yourself before taking the annuity plunge.

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Tom Ewer left the comfort of his 9 to 5 job to chase his dream.  Here's his story. 

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Having been a financial advisor for over 12 years I'm seen my fair share of screw ups that retirees make.  Here's the top six.

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Chris Ducker is the outsourcing kings.  He not only runs an outsourcing company that helps small business owners grow their business, he also has automated his own business to "buy back" more of his time so he can spend it doing what he loves.  

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In this podcast we address the #1 question all consumers should ask before hiring a financial planner plus a behind the scenes look on how financial advisors are paid.

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Liz Dialto went against the grain and decided to say screw grad school and instead invested into a $20k mastermind group.  Turns out it was the best investment of her live.  Here's her story.  

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Learn how how I got my feet wet with investing. 

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People are often victim to their own financial mindset. Here's how to break out and start working towards financial freedom.
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Jaime went from $70k of debt to being a business coach of successful millionaires.  Here's her story.

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Steve Chou's wife wanted to quit her job so she could be a stay at home mom.  There was only one problem: she had a job making over $100k per year.

They had to figure out a way to replace her salary and that was starting an online store.  Here's their journey.

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Donald Trump has made a killing investing in real estate.  I quickly learned that I'm not Donald Trump.  Not even close. Here's my experiment with real estate that didn't work out as planned.

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Farnoosh Torabi is a published author, speaker and TV personality that has been featured on Forbes and Yahoo Finance.  In this podcast she shares her background and what got her into covering personal finance.  She also shares her investing journey.  

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I previously shared some of the worst investments I"ve ever made.  Man were they horrible.  Today I share some of the best investments I've ever made.  You might be surprised by a few of them.  

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Peer to peer lending has exploded over the past few years.  Investors have been able to make more than stock market like returns and many more are jumping in.  I interview Peter Renton from Lending Academy who is an expert in peer to peer lending and ask him to share his thoughts on this hot sector.

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This podcast outlines my latest blogging movement where I'm encouraging 1 million people to start investing in themselves.  Whether through traditional investing, personal development or starting your own business, it's important that you start investing in yourself someway. 

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Have you ever wondered how much you really need to retire?  I find out the skinny from Todd Tresidder, financial coach and founder of

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Think every investment I've made has made me money? Think again!  Learn the 5 worst investments I've ever made

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Mr. Money Mustache was able to defy odds and retire at the ripe age of 30.  While that may seem impossible to achieve, he thinks you can do it, too.  

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