The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

Imagine you have been planning the perfect family vacation for months, you and your family are counting down the days, then you are told you can not go.

This recently happened to my family and  two other families that were vacationing with us. (A total party of 16 people).

Tune in and I will share the full story with you (and a few financial tips along the way).

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It is not a secret…if you want to make a good amount of money you should invest in real estate.

The question is….where do I start?

Today I will share a strategy with 7 Simple Steps that twill get you on your way to being a successful real estate investor.

Tune in to my conversation with Ryan Wright, creator of  the Income Hacker podcast. He knows everything about real estate investing.

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Today I want to share something that I have never shared publicly before.

This was completely unplanned, but it is something that I felt I needed to share.

I hope that by sharing my experience I can help others that may be struggling with some of the same issues.

Tune in and I’ll tell you all about my biggest struggle.

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If you have access to a $100 Dollar Bill - take it out and have a really hard look at that bill.

Now imagine it is $2.62 Million Dollars (tax free money).

Let’s talk about how you can get here and what you need to do.

We are going to start with some common questions and some important rules for 2021.  Tune in for all the details.

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Which one would you chose?

1 Million Dollars or 10 Tomato Plants…..

The answer may surprise you - tune in and find out why and a whole lot more!

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