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When a client brought her 16 year-old son in the office to introduce him to the basics of investing, I was excited to show him these numbers. His mind was blown away!

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When I was in the military I made a ton of mistakes with my money. Turns out I'm not the only one that does. I'm joined by fellow CFP Mary Beth Storjohann who's a military spouse and currently writes for Forbes on military financial issues.

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In over 13 years of helping people achieve financial confidence and retire comfortably, here are the top 7 mistakes I see people make. Are you making one of these mistakes?

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In over 13 years of helping people achieve financial confidence and retire comfortably, here are the top 7 mistakes I see people make. Are you making one of these mistakes?

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Confidence is a characteristic that we all can have. For those that lack confidence, following these 3 simple steps will give you the boost that you've been seeking.

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I've been a financial advisor for 12 years now and here it was I contribute to my success in one of the most difficult careers to survive.

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I'm a self-made millionaire. That's not something I've shared until recently. In our society it's often frowned upon to say something like that. It's not something I'm ashamed of. In fact, it's something that I want to encourage my sons to strive for. But NOT for the money. It's actually has nothing to do with the money and more on the life principles that goes with striving for success. I share those 9 principles on the latest GFC podcast.

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Becoming complacent to your financial surroundings could be the death of you.  Don't let it happen.  Here are the most common ways I see people being complacent to their financial situation. 

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Once you arrive at retirement you no longer have time to wait out a major decline in the stock market.
Capital preservation and providing yourself with a regular income will suddenly be at least as important as growth.
For that reason, you’ll need to begin shifting your investment portfolio from equities to fixed income assets.
Here are six safe places to invest your money in retirement that will provide capital preservation and at least some income.
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Most people are familiar with medical malpractice, but what about financial malpractice?  Unfortunately I've come across too many shady financial advisors that are guilty of this!  Here are two examples that I came across in the same week.

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I am not a morning person.  Well, that is until I read the book, Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod.

Now I routinely wake up at 4:30am and occasionally get up at 3:30am and my days are the most productive they've ever been.  What's the secret?  Find out as I interview Hal that shares the power behind the Miracle Morning.

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The variable annuity could possibly be the worst investment know to man.  Here's 5 reasons why you should avoid these at all costs.

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Barry Maher is a motivational speaker, author and self-made millionaire.  Despite all of his successes, he was flat broke at 37.  Instead of that ruining him, he used that situation to redefine who he is and strove to achieve greater things.  Learn how we was able to escape a dark period in his life to now being a highly recognized speaker and author

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Not sure if you're financial advisor has your best interest at heart? If you're not sure, here are 8 warning signs to look out for.

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I love setting goals. 4 years ago I made a drastic shift in how I set my goals and the results have been extraordinary.  Find out how in this podcast.

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So I always get asked, "Do you know who you look like?".  I've been asked so many times that I used to it.  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not a bad guy to be compared to, so I'll take it!  Here's 7 life lessons I've learned from him.  

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