The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

"The amount of money you helped us save on that deal alone — paid for coaching." - Charles Rose, Jr.


When you see someone that has achieved a certain level of success that seems improbable - how often do you hear ‘They just got lucky.”


I’m here to tell you luck only finds you if you are willing to take risks.


Today we get to hear one of those  heart-felt stories of someone that wasn’t willing to take no for an answer.  


They were willing to take risks.


06:22 Who is Charles Rose?

09:45 Living paycheck to paycheck

12:25 Seeking mentorship

16:50 What was the ‘wake up call’ moment for you?

21:15 At what point in your journey did you write your book?

25:54 Are there any experiences that didn’t work out, but led you to where you are now?

32:04 How difficult was it for you to reach the point where you hired a coach?

39:10 Tell us about the benefits you realized with your coaching experience.

42:35 How much of your time, energy, and focus is on real estate?





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