The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

Where in the world are you supposed to put your money?


Interest rates have more than tripled...


The Stock Market is down 27%


Bitcoin is down 57%….


Where in the world are you supposed to invest your money?


You often hear real estate is a good investment, but does it still make sense in this environment with a housing bubble just around the corner?


I tucked some money in Fundrise about 4 years ago - I’ve been updating my returns regularly.


Since I hit a recent anniversary let’s take a look at the latest returns.

03:00 What is Fundrise

05:20 Tiers and Fees

07:20 Fundrise shows ALL the details

09:45 My Fundrise account

13:10 My returns

16:09 My transactions over 4 years

17:20 Properties in my portfolio

19:19 Fundrise investments vs. other investments

27:10 Does Fundrise make sense for you?



My 4 Year Fundrise Returns – Is Fundrise Worth it?

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