The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

You often hear 'If you want to build wealth, you must invest into real estate.’


If you’ve done any research, you know there are different types of real estate:


  • Flipping properties
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hard money loans
  • And many more…


It can be overwhelming.


My guest had a similar experience when trying to invest.  Until he found a niche.


Let’s see what niche he discovered and a whole lot more.


Today’s guest is Seth Williams and he is a real estate investor.


04:14 Who is Seth Williams

06:35 The strategy to buying land

09:44 Did this start as a side hustle?

11:22 How much time was spent between learning and your first ‘deal’?

14:18 Was there a time where you ran into unexpected problems?

19:23 Is information easier to get now vs when you started?

22:53 I am surprised that there are still opportunities where you aren’t competing with others.

24:40 Are there any states where you won’t buy land?

26:25 On average, how many deals do you do per month, per year?

27:35 At what point where you able to leave your day job?

28:26 What year were you able to make a deal that was larger than your full-time annual salary?

31:56 What happened that made you feel safe enough to leave your job?

35:43 When did you feel you wanted to transition to teaching others?

40:00 What is R.E. Tipster?




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