The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

Close your eyes and imagine the richest business person you can think of….


Chances are you probably don’t know them well, all you know about are the successes they’ve had.


You don’t know about the failures and the mistakes.


I’m here to tell you, things don’t just ‘work out’.


I have shared some of my mistakes and failures with you in the past but I wanted to record an update.


I want to share some of my biggest investing mistakes that have cost me over $4.2 Million, I hope that it helps prevent it from happening to you.


02:01 Haters on Twitter

06:01 Penny Stock Mishap

09:43 Iraqi Dinar

13:02 Solo 401k Business 

19:14 Investing in Sports Cards

22:18 Cryptocurrency Investments

27:09 Bad Business Partnership




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