The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®

It was once said that if Bill Gates were to stop and pick up a $100 bill off the ground - he would actually be losing money.


That is how rich he is.


If I saw $100 bill on the ground, I would definitely stop and pick it up, I’m sure you would too.


A lot of people think that when it comes to investing $100 will not have any impact, it’s just not enough money to make a difference.


Today, I want to change that opinion.


I want to show you have you can take $100 and flip it into $1,000.


What if you were to invest $100 every single month?


02:43 The power of compounding interest

04:01 Consistency and discipline are key

06:33 How to make quick profits

10:12 Flipping garage sale and flea market items

14:47 Flipping sneakers

18:13 Flipping sports cards



7 Ways to Invest $100

Best Items for Garage Sale Flipping for Fun and Profit

Investing Essentials for Beginners & Intermediates


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